Story/Lettering: Scott A. Bachmann | Art: Scott D.M. Simmons

Ah, the chaos of morning. Something every mom and many dad knows. And IT support? Someone’s always stuck with it. And yelling across the house? Guilty. So’s my wife. Now we text.

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I’m telling you Liza, it makes no sense. Hard drugs for the city, soft drugs to sell across state lines. Trucks being hijacked and goods resold. Car chop shops. Unlicensed gambling. Credit card theft. And that’s just the stuff I know about! The Clubs have dozens of operations going, and I can’t find anybody in charge. How do high school dropouts pull all of this off?
Mom! The bus is going to be here any minute!
(Shouting unseen from upstairs)
Honey! My computer’s doing that thing again with the spinning! Can you fix it?

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