Story/Lettering: Scott A. Bachmann | Art: Scott D.M. Simmons

We’re taking a SHORT one week break to showcase the Secret Santa art from the Collective of Heroes.

Today’s art is from our Secret Santa – “The Pulse” by Lightfoot. A lovely full color portrait of Liza about to become Paragon. If you like Lightfoots work, check out his comic:

“Human batteries Annie “Pulse” Chang and Tabitha “Bolt” Greene become armored superheroines. Each using their natural charge to power flying armored suits.

They must start at the bottom, dealing with dangerous rivals, and complicated missions. The comic is set in the fictional island city of Port Braddon, Michigan.

“The Pulse” comic is rated PG-13, it may include violence, adult themes, and cheesecake.” – Lightfoot

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