Story/Lettering: Scott A. Bachmann | Pencil/Ink: Scott D.M. Simmons | Colors: Nate Lovett

Our next comic is going to be for older audiences. It focuses on Liza leading a hero team of 20 something single women while she’s a 40 something mom. Down the road I’m looking at doing a series of stories on the kids in their new school, kind of veronica mars or Nancy Drew, but with powers. We’re going to show you some previews, and then our halloween guest art and then BOOM Delta Dawn starts. Thanks for all the love and praise this series has gotten. You’ll be able to get a copy of the trade in color early next year. Our card game should be out at the same time – a chance for you to play heroes against villains – and yes its based on the trading cards I give out. We have a roleplaying game adventure coming out next year using the Mutants and Masterminds system and it includes an expansion of our character encyclopedia. Plus more I can’t talk about yet including one HUGE change. So stay tuned.

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