This is just a brief introduction to our characters with as little spoiler information as possible. If you’d like to know a lot more about them, we’ve published a complete encyclopedia on the characters in the Scott Comics universe: Scott Comics Character Roster Book. Later this year we’ll be putting out a new volume to cover all of the characters we’ve added.

The Family

Markie_profile_color Mark Ramiro
The youngest member of the Ramiro family. He’s just started kindergarten and peewee soccer. He likes Chocolate syrup on everything. Mark has started showing signs of having the Paragon power, and is considered to dangerous to be in school. He is currently being homeschooled by Liza.
Gail_profile_color Gail Ramiro
The oldest sibling of the Ramiro family. Gail has skipped two grades because she is so smart. Her favorite thing is super sour candy the kind that turn your mouth into a fishy face. Gail loves  astronomy and reading. Gail has also developed the power of telepathy, moving objects with her mind. She can only move small things, but she finds creative ways to use her gifts.
Leon_profile_color Leon Ramiro
Father to the Ramiro family. Leon is a famous novelist. He’s written five best selling novels and the first one has been turned into a tv series “Against the Tide”. He is hispanic and runs an organization that provides homes and buildings to third world countries. The novels are a fantasy series focusing on Queen Serena as she tries to protect her people from the many foes that would harm them. In order, the books are “To Stand Against the Tide”, “To Stand Alone”, “To Stand Between Foes”, “The long dark wander”, and “To Stand on High”. Dad makes up the best bed time stories.
Paragon_profile_color Elisabeth “Liza” Lang-Ramiro aka Paragon
Mom to the the Ramiro family, Liza used to be the super hero Paragon with super strength, flight, and invulnerability. As the Paragon she was very famous, and beloved by many. She still has those powers, but she retired nine years ago to raise her family. Occasionally she’s called on to help out her home town of Columbus, Ohio, or the country, or even the world, but mostly she leaves those problems to other heroes because her family needs her too. She’s never worn a mask, and has no secret identity, and she’s used her popularity to champion causes that need standing up for. Mom has the funniest bed time stories, especially when she tells true ones from her super hero days. Liza is Leon’s biggest fan, and Leon has come to accept that his wife is more famous then he is. Liza is Caucasian, but has dark hair and her children are blond haired with lighter skin than she has. Why, is a mystery.
Hero_turnaround_COLOR_text Hero

Hero is a Basenji stray dog that Markie rescued. After hiding him for a time, Hero became part of the family.

gwen Gwenifer Two-Tales (Jenny Jones)
Liza’s best friend from childhood. Gwen is an artist and loves to talk and tell stories. She was nick named two-tales because she would always tell two or more stories when asked a question. She loves to talk. Gwen officially changed her name to Two-Tales and its the name she goes by as an artist. She often baby sits for Mark and Gail.

The Paragon

Paragons The Paragon
Liza is the current Paragon, a very famous super hero who has super strength and is super tough. Paragon is also the only person in the world that can fly. In fact, she has to follow special rules when flying to not interfere with air traffic control, or to be seen on radar as a missile or UFO. Liza is not the first Paragon. The power of the Paragon has been passed on several times, passed on by secret means that only the Paragon knows, and only passed on when the old Paragon dies. Liza is the first woman to have the power. The first Paragon was the founder of the American Defense Force. The third founded the United Nations Defense Force.
niven The Defense Force
People gifted with super powers are a part of everyday life in this world, and most of the gifted lead normal lives (although in extraordinary ways). Actual super heroes are very rare and are actually special officers of the police or military. Some people have used their power to vigilantes (heroes without permission) or to do bad things. Some armies in the world use the gifted as soldiers. The Defense Force is there to stop those people. The Defense Force also helps the gifted cope with their powers and fit into society.The Defense Force was created by Paragon I after the troubles gifted people caused in World War II. Most of the Defense Force are normal humans grouped into soldiers and Agents. The Agents handle legal and social issues, and investigations. The Soldiers handle problems when powered teams aren’t available. The Alpha Team is the elite unit of the Defense Force. A group of gifted humans that handle crisis, natural disasters, and gifted humans that standard police and military units have trouble with. Until Liza retired, the Alpha Team was always led by a Paragon.
control Control
Control is the codename for the computer jockey in the Defense Force control room. He monitors all network feeds using cybernetic implants. He coordinates the Alpha Team and supplies information to the Agents. The Control job changes every few years and Liza dated the first Control before she met Leon.

Heroic Friends of Liza

DesertFox_COLOR_fullimage Desert Fox
Desert Fox appeared in Columbus one day as a vigilante fighting crime. Little is known about her. She’s a soldier returned from war that found the crime situation at home untenable and decided to do something about. She’s skilled in a variety of combat methods and has expertise in surveillance. She does not have gifted powers. Her face is covered with a Kitsune mask and she wears city came fatigues to hide her identity. Despite being a vigilante, she believes in not killing, and she goes after the crime bosses, not just the common criminals.
Night_profile_color Night
A current member of the Defense Force and a former vigilante, Night is a man on a mission – to rid the world of villains. He is hispanic, and is secretly the billionaire Nerone Aguilar. He’s not known for having a sense of humor. He’s considered a brilliant strategist, a detective, and a feared fighter. He is engaged to Lady Liberty, and has adopted a young ward named Kion.
Justice_profile_color Lady Liberty
A current member of the Defense Force and a former vigilante, Lady Liberty uses her fighting skills and her Liberty Lance to dispense justice. Unlike most vigilantes, she is full of humor and positive energy. Little is known about her.
Kion_profile_color Kion (Renegade)
Kion is an inner city orphan that was adopted by Night and trained to be his protege. Little is known about Kion aside from his teenage temper.
Cinead_COLOR_fullimage Cinaed
Cinaed (Kin-Ay) Sullivan is the longest standing member of the Defense Force. She is an old friend of Liza, and has the ability to manipulate fire.
Shokusan_COLOR_fullimage Shokkusan
Shokkusan (Shock-Coo-Sahn) is a Japanese woman who is the second longest standing member of the Defense Force. She is an old friend of Liza, and has the ability to manipulate electricity.
blurr Blurr
Blurr was a member of the Defense Force when Liza joined, but quit soon after. He wears Aztec clothing but little is known about him as he never stands still. His appearance and voice are disguised by his constant motion. He has the ability of super speed, and can not slow down without extreme effort.

The Bad Guys

carver Washington Carver

Carver is a super strong and well dressed man who works for whomever pays him. Usually he’s hired by bad people that need to deal with big problems. Carver was a soldier of fortune at one point and is well trained in combat.

big The Clubs

The Clubs are a Columbus area gang that are being directed by a mysterious boss. They spray paint their logo all over the city.

fixer The Fixer

The Fixer is who bad guys call when they want problems fixed and they don’t care how. He’s ruthless and used to dealing with super beings.