I’m starting a new thing. Each Wednesday I’m going to bring you a bonus page. It could be new art, humor, spotlights on other creators, or a webcomic I think you should check out.

Our first week we feature fellow superhero author Lisa M. Collins who also has a hero named Elisabeth. Lisa writes an ongoing web serial: Starborne Academy. Starborne Academy has been described as Harry Potter meets Enders Game.

Starborne Academy — follows three female cadets as they make their mark on the elite officer training school for the United Starborne Corps

Elizabeth (Liz) Grissom, Gemini (Gem) Schirra, and Margaret (Peep) Shepard, sired by genetically altered military families, display unique superpowers that will aide them in their quest to become officers.

Liz’s is a tracker. With her acute sensory abilities can observe an area and sense anomalies undetectable by natural human perception. Gem is a technopath. She can intuit any type of machinery or technology human made or otherwise. Peep is omni-lingual and that is just the tip of the iceberg of her quick mental abilities.

  • Posting Schedule: Weekly on Sundays at 10am
  • Post Minimum: 250-500 words
  • Genres: Superhero, Space Marine, Sci-fi, YA
  • Graphic Elements: PG

Lisa’s non-fiction has been published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Her writing interests are as vast as the stars in the night sky. Her Sci-Fi story, The Tree of Life, is in Issue #4 of Holdfast. You can follow Lisa’s Web Serial, Starborne Academy by clicking here. Lisa copy edited and researched on Understanding Global Slavery by University of California Press, edits for Metahuman Press, and is an upcoming creative contributor with Pro Se Productions. She is a Sally A. Williams Grant winner for writing from the Arkansas Arts Council.