While my new comic grinds through the production stages, I thought I’d pimp a few friends of mine who have current kick starters. When the web site relaunches I’ll do more of this, promoting other indy creators.

The Silent Descendants – by Daiquan Cain

I met Daiquan through a FB group and learned we had several things in common, including the artist on his book Rolf Hausen who is a local creator friend of mine. This is Daiquan’s labor of love that he’s self producing. The book and story look good and well worth the price of admission.







Odd Tacos and Weird Commisions – by J.M.Hunter

I don’t recall how I met Hunter, probably a local convention. I commissioned him to do my son’s album cover (still unreleased after the death of my son and band members). He was great to work worth and is crazy passionate about the things he does. Or just crazy. Hard to tell.