The sequel comic, Delta Dawn, will premiere on November 27th.

At that time Scottcomics will be changing it’s name to Corgipress. I’m doing a lot more than comics, and we will be releasing a bunch of game stuff next year, so it was time for a new name, mascot, and logo. The new mascot above is based off of my dog Odin. Odin’s a pure bred Cardigan (the breed with a tail) with mixed colored eyes.

The third Our Super Mom trade will be coming out in the Spring of ’18, but the 12th issue in print/digital will be released on the 27th. It’s also been submitted to comixology, but they can take forever.

This website will be closing on the 27th. The archive of the Our Super Mom webcomic will move to the new Corgipress site, and this site will send you directly there. All of the bonus material will be moving to a members only section. The good news is, if you’ve ever bought something from me, let me know, and I’ll let you into the members section for free. Everyone else will have to make a purchase if they want in.