Story/Lettering/Art: Scott D.M. Simmons

We’re sort of taking another break between books, but sort of not. Scott D.M. Simmons is bringing you a short story that he wrote, drew, inked, and lettered himself. So he’s actually doing MORE work between books. Meanwhile I’m goofing off.

Well by goofing off I mean working on my illustrated children’s book, scripts for other comic companies, Script 8 of Our Super Mom, teaching a one day class on writing, doing conventions, and publishing short stories. Plus my day job. Plus my freelance job. I work a lot.

So neither of us are really taking a break, but you get a bonus story. So you win!

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20830_982167445129590_1296809982674721571_n Get it NOW! The second anthology of short stories from Pen & Capes is released today! In the first anthology I had a cute, cannon, Our Super Mom story. This time the anthology focuses on villains so I’ve contributed a story set in another place with an antihero so creepy this story is PG-13 at least!


11057805_1556081044670306_5548188390680633257_n Want to learn to make comics? Scott Bachmann will be giving classes on writing comics (both kids and adults) at the Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering, OH for the Comic Book Studio Day. Scott Simmons and Todd Beistel will be giving art lessons! April 4th, 9am-3:30 pm. Come on out!