The cover took awhile, mainly it takes me forever to find an artist that has the right style and can fit into the time frame I need the work done. So I’ll post this as today’s page, then move it into the proper place in the archive next week.

Our cover artist for issue 3 is Jenny Stead. She was thrilled to get the offer to do the cover. I yanked the following bio from her own comic site:

Jenny M. Stead, is a self taught artist from London, KY who’s been drawing since age 4. Her signature character, Ally, from her comic Ninja’d, is based on her, and has been since age 16 when Ally was created for her High School Senior Project. Jenny loves to write and draw. She’s currently taken on freelance work of all kinds as both a sketch card artist and a character concept designer. Jenny is both published with Facebook and Pink Floyd and has had her work in independent film in the past. On the side, she’s an aunt of the two cutest and greatest nieces in the whole world, a sister, a daughter, and a best friend to many people both in her home life and web life. Jenny is known to be random, eccentric, blunt, and dangerous on caffeine. Oddly enough she’s rarely moody like her cartoon counterpart, but more like her other character, Ted, in personality.

You can see Jenny’s comic Ninja’d and work at: